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2020 Virtual Summit
May 20 / LIVE 12.00 – 20.00 (GMT +3)

A global cloud ecosystem that


13cloud leaders
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of our global cloud ecosystem to challenge today’s limits and transform for the next day. brings together distributors, service providers, vendors and integrators to share their knowledge and experience.

How to deal with current business circumstances, why digital transformation is essential, when is the time to search for a cloud business automation solution. Thus giving you the chance to get the 360o view that will re-ignite your cloud business.

Running Over


Adaptations have been made. Plans had to change. Let’s carry on and get inspired from cloud leaders and experts all around the world that deal with the same problems and worries for the future.



eventsEvaluating the current
Let’s take a step back and see things clear. Now that the rules have changed how will you handle current projects and keep scaling? Do current business methods fit for this challenge?
eventsAre you missing an
The cloud business is still in order but slightly in a different way. Putting your growth on hold and postponing your cloud evolution is not an option. The opportunity to streamline and automate your cloud business is here.
eventsWhat is ahead
of us?
Attack is the best defense, make your plans for tomorrow, adopt new methods. Set new sales and marketing strategies, attract and onboard more resellers, make higher margins and of course bulletproof your business for high cloud adoption rates in the days to come.
Agenda GMT +3

12:00 Be proactive: Build new customer relationships through effective digital experiences

READ MORE With many people quarantined in their homes, digital experiences matter more than ever. Leading companies will identify the ones that matter most and improve upon them to build new and stronger customer relationships. In other words: Follow your customers during the pandemic, then lead them out of it. SHOW LESS

Intro: Pelli Papoulidou, VP, Customer Engagement,
12:30 #greecefromhome: Stay connected, inspired and ahead, from home.

READ MORE Greece means so many things to so many different people, so this initiative along with Discover Greece gave the whole world the chance to experience it all, from the safety of their home. Greek-inspired music, mythology, cuisine, arts, crafts, fashion, sport and style brought together at the #greecefromhome digital campaign which is also supported by Google, offering Free digital skills & training for everyone, from homeSHOW LESS

Opening speech: Harry Theocharis,Ministry of tourism, Greece
12:45 The pillars of the digital cloud partner

READ MORE The digital transformation and in particular virtual collaboration opportunities are currently being intensified. But "a swallow doesn't make a summer," simply selling collaboration tools from the cloud is no guarantee of success for a cloud service partner. Which pillars a partner should pay attention to is highlighted in this presentation.SHOW LESS

Marco Iten, Head of Cloud Services,ALLTRON AG, Switzerland
13:00 Stop Losing Buyers. Make sure they can reach you digitally. Make sure you can close them virtually.

READ MORE Today, Customer Experience is more important than ever.  This pandemic will end and when it does there will be fewer standing and those standing will need to differentiate themselves with superior buying experiences.  And, while we live in a virtual world, companies need to know if their sales machine is functioning digitally and virtually.  SHOW LESS

Leahanne Hobson, Founder & CEO, Alinea-Partners Consulting, Austria
13:15 Digital Renaissance, the best is yet to come.

READ MORE Everyone is focused on the negatives in our world at the moment, what if the best is yet to come? I’ll explore a few key trends that we might see making a positive impact on our lives and businesses over the coming yearsSHOW LESS

Robert Belgrave, CEO, Wirehive, UK
13:30 The Unknown Vaccine?

READ MORE At times of unprecedented disruption to our lifestyle and economy, global innovation is key for immunization to the threat. While all eyes are focusing on the race to develop a vaccine as fast as possible, I would like to invite you to take a look at how thus far technology has been supporting the fight against the pandemic be it with AI in frontline response and healthcare, enabling social distancing and the digital economy, as well as accelerating businesses digital transformation journey. SHOW LESS

Keynote:Dr Victoria Kimonides, Channel Sales Director, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft Central and Eastern Europe
14:00 10 minute break
14:10 Introducing Mr. James Slaby as moderator

READ MORE The stage welcomes a true professional to moderate the event. Let's meet Mr. James Slaby, Director, Cyber Protection / Solutions Marketing at AcronisSHOW LESS

Pelli Papoulidou, VP Customer Engagement,
14:15 How safe are your web assets? Shining a spotlight on Web Security

READ MORE Keeping your online presence uninterrupted has become more crucial than ever. However, we’re living in an age where web security risks are constantly on the rise. Ferruh Mavituna and Kevin Abela will delve into Acunetix, a web vulnerability scanner that provides the tools required to assess a company’s web assets and their security.SHOW LESS

Ferruh Mavituna, CEO & Kevin Abela, VP, Global Channel Sales, Acunetix,Malta
14:30 Does Marketing in IT matter?| Learn how Automated Performance Marketing techniques have helped Cloud Service Providers to scale for SMB masses

READ MORE Whether you’re a cloud service provider, a software vendor, a managed services provider, or another type of tech business, you’re competing in a very dynamic and ever evolving marketplace. Managing the expectations of senior leadership is also key challenge. 40% of marketers say proving the ROI of their activities is their top marketing challenge. The truth is, marketing in the IT industry matters now more than ever. But sticking to the same old tactics will have the same poor business impact.SHOW LESS

David Balazic, Managing Partner & Chief Client Satisfier, Consalta, Slovenia
14:45 Managing an IT Business in times of change

READ MORE Approaches to partnering, management, risk and innovation – where to focus our efforts while the future in uncertain. We all seem to be working harder just to maintain our current position, I will discuss the Grey Matter approach to keeping our teams performing both now and for the long term. How we help and  engage with employees that are remote and how we work with partners so that everyone benefitsSHOW LESS

Matthew Whitton, Managing Director Grey Matter, UK
15:00 Staying #CyberFit Despite COVID-19

READ MORE The founder and CEO of Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection, will share his views on the importance of cyber protection during these turbulent times and the best practices for efficiently running a successful business despite the outbreak and transition to remote work.SHOW LESS

Keynote:Serguei Beloussov,CEO and the founder of Acronis, Singapore
15:30 Staying positive through sadness: navigation of the self in times of difficulty

READ MORE It is an era of dialogue, synthesis and integration, the extreme focus on the specific and measurable can lead to univocal descriptions. We need to follow a series of approaches and see through different lenses in order to understand a phenomenon as a whole and make decisions. Within such a multilateral framework, polarities are unavoidable. One can select among countless ways to cope with a difficulty: from sadness to enthusiasm and from catastrophizing to blind positivity. Our perceptions and feelings include such polarities and contradictions. Therefore, survival and personal development require the navigation (of our self) through contradictions. Let’s see how we can manage our internal polaritiesSHOW LESS

Petras Charalambos,Founder| Leadership & Performance Coach,Athens Coaching Institute, Greece
15:45 Confessions of a CEO

READ MORE VAS is's Country Partner in Germany. Why being part of the ecosystem was important so far. What has changed in the German market during these challenging times? What are the predictions about the future? Confessions from a CEO will present an insightful and honest approach to what all C-suite executives are and will be facing the following months.SHOW LESS

Henning Wolter,CEO,VAS, Germany
16:00 The power of ecosystems : Could culture sharing be more important than product features?

READ MORE German Country Partner is interviewing a Direct Microsoft CSP , COSMO CONSULT. During the session we will discover the importance of being an active part of an ecosystem and how combining culture and product features could be the key to success.SHOW LESS

Interview: Martin Thormeyer, Product Manager, Cosmo Consult, Germany | Moderator: Matthias Neumann, Pre-sales Consultant, VAS, Country Partner, Germany
16:30  Accelerating innovation in times of recession: a ridiculous idea?

READ MORE How do the winners in technology space cope with the economic downturn, and who comes out stronger after difficult times? SHOW LESS

Milovan Milic ,Devtech, Founder & CEO, US
16:45 Writing to persuade in a digital world

READ MORE Rob will look at what copywriting is, and why it is increasingly important to sell products and services in an age of digital marketing. He'll explore and clarify myths and beliefs about content, what the internet has changed, and what it hasn't – building on the principle that the media have changed, but human nature hasn't. He'll look at what the advertising greats of Madison Avenue in the 1950s and 1960s can teach us about how to write copy that sells online – including how to structure content well and six simple tests to check if your copy can persuade.SHOW LESS

Robert Siddall, Director, Anglo-Corporate, UK
17:00 A new era for cybersecurity approach: What is changing?

READ MORE Almost overnight, employees were sent home with their computers and monitors to work indefinitely. IT teams were tasked with quickly scaling the infrastructure to provide access to the network and applications. This session will cover how organizations are adapting to ensure their remote workers are productive and secureSHOW LESS

Chris Dodge, Owner & Managing Director,Virsage, US
17:15 15 minute break
17:30 #Quaranparents: A new level of difficulty

READ MORE Being a working mother has always been a challenging role. During the last months the challenge elevated to a total new level of difficulty. What changed behind the doors? What were the phases Elina faced? How did Microsoft supported employees? At this session she will share backstage moments, best practices and feelings with the audience.SHOW LESS

Elina Zografou, Senior Channel Sales Manager, Microsoft Greece, Cyprus, Malta
17:45 Inside the Mind of: A Developer’s Perspective on No-Code

READ MORE Companies around the world deal with a dual problem, the increasing demand for digitize processes and the limited supply of software developers. The answer is a no-code development platform which allows organizations to build fast and with almost no maintenance burden, internal and external facing tools. SHOW LESS

George Nianios, Senior Developer,
18:00 TBA Philippe Jarre, CEO,Mindware,United Arab Emirates
18:15 5 ways Microsoft can support organizations respond to today’s challenges

READ MORE The way we work and live has changed. At Microsoft, we are committed to helping the world stay connected, secure and productive through COVID-19 and beyond. As organizations need to connect people, systems and operations in new ways, our top priority is helping organizations stay open for business. Together, we can enable teams to be productive and secure from anywhere, rapidly adapt business processes, stay engaged with customers, keep developers up and running – all while securing and managing access to apps, devices, and data. As we respond, restart, and rebuild in this new reality, the best way to move forward is togetherSHOW LESS

Mary Bina , Cloud Product Marketing Lead, Microsoft Greece, Cyprus, Malta
18:30 How does the “new normal” force SMBs towards Digital Acceleration?

READ MORE The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting businesses in varying but also common ways. Things are evolving over time with improving and worsening conditions by sector and by region.One thing is for certain, the way we conduct business has changed forever and many of our recently adopted practices will become part of the “New Normal” for how we do business.Consequently, the pandemic and social distancing are dramatically accelerating the digital transformation of SMB and mid-size businesses forcing them to leverage new technology to run their business and collaborate both internally and externallySHOW LESS

Bob Hollander, President & Todd Holtmann, Vice President Operations, Swizznet, US
18:45 How a nonprofit enables global impact

READ MORE For more than 30 years, TechSoup has been dedicated to connecting NGOs to much needed technology, resources, and education to better achieve their missions. To date, we’ve reached over 1M NGOs around the world as we support their digital transformation and strive to help them increase their impact on some of the world's most pressing issues. Learn how TechSoup partnered with Interworks to launch and scale their Microsoft CSP program worldwide, providing NGOs around the world with access to critical technology to serve their communitiesSHOW LESS

Shruti Ramaswami ,Director, Corporate Relationships,Techsoup, US
19:00 Switching our strategy to thrive in a new reality: Introducing scenario planning as a new methodology

READ MORE Coronavirus landscape that is already starting to take shape, and will potentially influence how you do business for years to come. Through the scenario planning process you can develop different set of scenarios and adjust your strategy. You can learn how to visualize different ways your business terrain could develop - during and after the COVID19 crisis. How to foresee the Coronavirus crisis will change the "big picture". How to identify specific opportunities and challenges you may encounter as the crisis goes on and when it's over. How to identify the "must-do" actions that will help you succeed in such crisis-and post crisis-scenario.SHOW LESS

Keynote: Dr.Vassilis Zografos, Founder & CEO,
19:30 Q&A section
Pelli Papoulidou

VP, Customer Engagement,


Pelli is the Vice President of Customer Engagement at She has an an outstanding 12 years experience as a Human Resources manager in leading companies from various industries. She has a deep knowledge on strategic and consulting issues, which is combined with her unparalleled talent of team building. Her passion about people led her to the Customer Engagement department, where she can practice her excellent communicational skills and increase customer loyalty. Pelli holds a BSc in Sociology, a M.A. in Human Resources Development and a MBA .She is a mother of two and tries not to get crazy while working from home during coronavirus days😊

Harry Theocharis
Minister of tourism, Greece

Harry Theoharis, Minister of Tourism – Hellenic Republic Born August 6, 1970, in Athens, Harry Theocharis is the current Minister of Tourism of Greece. Mr. Theocharis was first elected in 2015 and on December 18, 2018, he joined the New Democracy party.He holds a MEng (Hon) in software engineering-first class from Imperial College, London, and has held high-ranking positions in companies of the private sector in Greece and abroad. He has also worked in start-up companies.
During 2011-2012, he served as secretary general for information systems and he is known for introducing new digital services to assist the public, helping reduce bureaucracy and its resulting costs.He later (2013-14) served as a secretary general for public revenues at the Greek Finance Ministry. There, he succeeded in meeting budget revenues and producing a fiscal surplus. He is also known for launching the platform to increase transparency in public administration.

Vassilis Zografos
Founder & CEO,

Dr. Vassilios Zografos is the founder and CEO of Vassilis’ vision, credentials and more than 17 years of experience, make him an expert in cloud computing and a highly acknowledged entrepreneur. He is passionate about delivering top cloud solutions to IT companies worldwide. Vassilis holds a BSc in Computer Science, a MSc in Information Systems and a PhD in eBusiness Components Architectures. He is a father of two sons and enjoys playing Strategy games every Sunday with the rest of the team

Serguei Beloussov

Founder & CEO, Acronis, Singapore


Serguei Beloussov (SB) is an entrepreneur and business executive with an outstanding 24-year track record of building, growing, and leading high-performing, multi-national high-tech companies in North America, Europe, and Asia. Recognized as an innovator and thought the leader in the fields of virtualization, data center automation, and cloud computing, SB is a frequent speaker at industry events around the world. SB has led more than 200 patents and has an h-index of 37. SB is currently focused full-time on Acronis, the company he founded and returned to as a CEO. Acronis is a global leader in cyber protection, has enjoyed rapid growth and is very profitable, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Top-performing international sports teams partner with Acronis to access the latest cyber protection technology for their data, applications and systems, and get #CyberFit. SB is also dedicated to supporting innovation, and the development of science and education. He co-founded Qwave Capital venture fund, which was created for support of advanced quantum technologies. He is also the Chairman of the Board and Founder of the Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT), an international research-led institution located in Switzerland.

Victoria Kimonides
Channel Sales Director, Central Eastern Europe HQ, Microsoft, Greece

Dr Victoria Kimonides is leading Partner Co-Sell in the One Commercial Partner Organization at Microsoft Central and Eastern Europe, focusing on accelerating Microsoft’s business through partner sales engagement across all customer and industry segments. She has more than 15 years of leadership experience in technology sector in roles across Sales, Technology Strategy, and Customer and Partner Experience and over the years has led strategic initiatives supporting business transformation and the acceleration of cloud adoption. She holds a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Cambridge and is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Cambridge Judge Business School.

Marco Iten
Head of Cloud Services, ALLTRON, Switzerland

Marco Iten is responsible for the development of the Cloud Service Marketplace at Alltron AG in Switzerland. In cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Northwest Switzerland, Alltron is offering the “Digital Backpack Assessment” to partners as a digital transformation toolset.

Leahanne Hobson
Founder & CEO, Alinea Partners, Austria

Leahanne Hobson is the Founder and CEO of Alinea Partners Consulting, G.m.b.H (HQ: Vienna.  Alinea Partners consistently Assesses and Transforms Sales Journeys for the biggest IT/Telco companies – and their channels, globally.  They give clients an in-depth view of the strengths and weaknesses in their entire Sales Journey and support them as they make major transitions from product to software, software to services or build funnels for entirely new platforms such as Azure.

Chris Dodge
Owner & Managing Director, Virsage, US

Chris co-founded Virsage in 1999 with the goal of providing small and medium sized businesses access to world class IT resources. Our experience working with a wide range of industries and technologies enables us to assist our customers in selecting the right solution for their unique business requirements. As the adoption of Cloud-based services has continued to grow, we have added key offerings that increase security, mobility and productivity for our clients.

Elina Zografou

Senior Channel Sales Manager, Microsoft Greece, Cyprus, Malta


Elina Zografou has a 17-year career in new technologies. With an academic background in Computer Science (MSc) and Business Administration (MBA), her experience ranges from Software Engineering and International Project Management to Technical Sales and Partner Management across EMEA. For the last 8 years she works at Microsoft, experiencing first-hand innovation and trend -setting technologies. She truly enjoys driving business transformation for customers and partners

George Nianios

Senior Developer,


My name is Georgios Nianios and I am a backend software developer at Before joining, I worked at several places around the world. I have working for 6 years in the UK helping a company to build a variety of financial tools. 2010 found me working for a company in Cyprus building algorithms for fiber-optic sensors and as pet projects coding medical software. The work at Cyprus led me to get a Marie Curie Fellowship at Certh in Greece. My first position outside Greece was at the University of Milwaukee – Wisconsin, US as a Research Assistant for a program granted from Department of Defence, building various software tools for data acquisition and representation from an X-Ray machine.

Matthew Whitton
Managing Director, Grey Matter, UK

Matthew Whitton is Managing Director of Grey Matter, a leading reseller and distributor of cloud, location, and developer products and services across Europe, from the UK. Matthew joined Grey Matter in 2000 and over the past 20 years has focused Grey Matter on enabling developers and development organisations (ISVs) to do more with technology through software tools and platforms.

Henning Wolter
CEO,VAS, Value Added Solutions, Germany

Henning Wolter Owner and CEO of VAS Value Added Solutions GmbH. For more than 30 years, he creates modern IT-Infrastructure environments that support the core business. He has a substantial track record in identifying „what comes next“ and supporting foreign software vendors to enter the German market. For a number of years now he speaks at a University about transformation and change to motivate the next generation to actively change the business world and well as society in general. He lives his entrepreneurship with great passion and wants to learn something new every day, by exchanging knowledge with others.

Milovan Milic

Devtech, Founder & CEO, US


Milovan is a self-made serial tech entrepreneur passionate about making a meaningful impact, and seeing teams & businesses grow. He began his career in tech while still in high school in the early 2000s, and over the past 17 years has built a number of successful, global tech businesses. 

David Balazic
Managing Partner & Chief Client Satisfier,Consalta, Slovenia

Experienced manager with more than 20 years of professional experience in the tech industry and a track record of 100+ satisfied clients in 40+ countries and 5 continents. Specialized in new business development, sales & marketing. On a mission to support tech companies to develop new business models and generate new revenue streams. He holds an Executive MBA degree specializing in Sales and Business Management.

Ferruh Mavituna
CEO, Acunetix, Malta

Ferruh Mavituna’s professional obsessions lie in web application security research, automated vulnerability detection and exploitation features. He has authored several web security research papers and tools and delivers animated appearances at cyber-security conferences and on podcasts.

Kevin Abela

VP Global Channel Sales, Acunetix, Malta


Kevin brings more than 20 years of experience in distribution/reseller channel management and solution sales to Acunetix. Reach out to Kevin for the best website security management for your business on

Charalambos Petras
Founder | Leadership & Performance Coach,Athens Coaching Institute, Greece

Charalampos holds a degree in Psychology, a degree in Anthropology and a master’s degree in History. He has been trained in Family Therapy, Systemic Psychotherapy, Coaching, EMDR Trauma Therapy, Psychometric Clinical Assessment, and Adults Learning. He has conducted fieldwork with participant observation within a military context. He is the founder and director of Athens Coaching Institute which is a recognized coach training provider in Greece and Cyprus. He has been working in private practice as a leadership coach and therapist since 2009. He is the author of the first handbook in evidence-based coaching in Greece (2015 & 2018, 2nd edition) and the editor of one more book in personal development and coaching.

Mary Bina
Cloud Product Marketing Lead, Microsoft Greece, Cyprus, Malta

Mary Bina is the Cloud Product Marketing Lead for Microsoft Greece, Cyprus and Malta. In her role, she is responsible to drive Microsoft’s product strategy both internally and externally and act as a business product evangelist for Microsoft’s customer and partner ecosystem. She brings together all Microsoft’s functions and aligns them towards the execution of the company’s product priorities across the three clouds: Azure, Modern Workplace and Dynamics 365. She is also coordinating the planning and execution of local marketing activities with a strong focus on technical awareness and upskilling.

Todd Holtmann
Vice President Operations, Swizznet, US

Todd Holtmann is an Operations executive with experience delivering operational excellence in hosting environments. As Swizznet’s COO, Todd is responsible for ensuring Swizznet’s “Obsessive Support” model is consistent throughout the customer journey. Todd previously served as VP of Operations for WellSky Long Term Care and Director of Service Delivery for Savvis, which was a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in hosting, colocation and private cloud solutions.

Bob Hollander
President, Swizznet, US

Bob Hollander is a senior executive of the cloud space having championed the evolution from out-sourced services to private, public and hybrid cloud solutions. As Swizznet’s President, Bob’s objective is to accelerate growth by capturing SMB and midsize companies’ move of their critical accounting applications to the cloud. Bob previously served as Senior Vice President for InterVision and Senior Vice President, North America for Savvis, which was a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in hosting, colocation and private cloud solutions.

Robert Belgrave
CEO, Wirehive, UK

Robert is Co-Founder and CEO of cloud consultancy Wirehive, which helps forward-thinking businesses transform the way the world operates using technology. A child of the early Internet, Robert started his career in technology as a solution architect, cutting his teeth on the high-profile site launches of, Virgin Galactic and the BRIT Awards’ first online voting system. Since founding Wirehive back in 2012, Robert has had plenty of opportunity to use his unique blend of technical knowledge and commercial experience to help businesses such as Screwfix, ITV and British Red Cross solve the technology challenges that come from operating in a digital age. A self-taught tech enthusiast and avid supporter of the UK digital industry, in the same year as founding Wirehive Robert launched the Wirehive 100 Awards to shine a light on the wealth of digital talent and innovation outside of London. Robert is also Head of the BIMA Blockchain Think Tank, co-founder of, which has planted 1,000,000 trees in its first year and co-creator of Alexa Stop! a podcast which looks at how technology is changing our lives

Robert Siddall
Director, Anglo-Corporate, UK

Rob Siddall founded Anglo Corporate – now an established copywriting agency – in 2013. He read sciences and engineering at Cambridge University in the late 1980s, and did an MBA at Edinburgh Business School in the early 2000s. He worked as an engineer for 10 years, and in politics for a further 13 – where he represented UK industry to officials and politicians in London and Brussels. There, his job was to sell policy ideas – face to face, in print, and in broadcast interviews. He also served on government committees and held a high level of secret clearance. Nowadays Rob works long term with a small number of (mostly foreign) clients to help them get their messages across in English.

Matthias Neumann

Pre-sales Consultant, VAS, Country Partner, Germany


Matthias has more than 20 years experience in consulting business for solution which makes workflows more efficient and automated. With his technical and sales skills he is focuses on the business process and technical possibilities to find the ideal value for the customer.

Martin Thormeyer

Product Manager, COSMO CONSULT, Germany


Martin Thormeyer is a Product Manager at COSMO CONSULT, where Martin leads the project “automation and billing platform for cloud solutions”, including license consulting and cloud related trainings for employees and customers.  Martin has worked for well-known B2B and B2C IT vendors and system integrators, including Cyberport and CANCOM. In various positions Martin focused on the partner Microsoft and implemented Microsoft’s strategy in the different companies, not at least awarded with the Microsoft Award – Expertenkreis Mittelstand – Best Marketing Campaign 2015. You can expect 100% commitment and always a constructive exchange for your business ideas or product features.



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